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Rudder Meeting greener healthier more eco

2010-12-01 17:03:06


  People attach importance to outdoor air quality at the same, but often overlooked level of indoor air quality. A sample survey of the Ministry of Health show that more than 60 cities in the air conditioning system duct bacterial content of dust volume and dust monitoring, there is serious pollution of the air duct accounted for 47.11%, accounted for 46.17% moderately contaminated, qualified only 6.12%. This group of startling figures tell us that the air conditioning on top of the head may become sources of pollution. In this regard, experts say that serious pollution of the central air-conditioning ventilation ducts will be directly contaminated indoor air.

  Rudder Meeting ambitious work, the introduction of central air conditioning technology innovation programs - "really 100% renewal wind", by electrostatic dust removal technology and lack of oxygen monitoring technology to fight the one Runde Department will "breathe" ecological building. Rudder will open the Meeting of the birth of a new business era, leading the mainstream of the international eco-business, a coastal region as well as cutting-edge environmental protection in North China representative.

  Indoor air pollution a serious threat to human health

   This year's "World Meteorological Day," the theme is "Weather, climate and the air we breathe", highlighting the focus on the World Meteorological Organization Member States to carry out the relevant air quality data collection, research and forecasting and other work. World Meteorological Organization that should be seriously concerned about the weather features, climate and air quality interactions, and the resulting impact on human health.

   Over the past several decades, rapid population growth, excessive energy use and increase the rapid development of industrial gases and particulate matter emissions, climate change lead to floods, droughts, heat waves and other extreme weather and climate events increase in frequency and intensity of environmental pollution to Air quality continues to decline, these conditions gave many diseases of human society, exacerbated by the spread of disease. World Health Organization estimates an annual average of about 200 million people die prematurely due to air pollution. Shows that air pollution has become the city's tumor.

   Moreover, the World Health Organization has confirmed that indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution is serious 5 times, indoor air pollution from two sources, one is indoor and outdoor gathering dust and smoke, the other is released from furniture, interior decoration toxic chemicals. According to statistics, people's life more than 80% of the time is spent indoors. This allows people to more and more attention to indoor air quality. Scientists have found life to modern medical standards, if you try to reduce air pollution, people can live more than 30 years.

  Central air-conditioning kept the growth of bacteria risks of air pollution

   From a structural point of view, air-conditioning is a special device, mainly used to adjust the air temperature and humidity, which must play a role in the water get involved.

   The role of water through the air, with some granular material to form aerosol, when its air circulation through the air tube, the one carrying the bacteria, microbes gradually deposited, attached to the relevant parts in the air, thus forming a second second source of pollution, resulting in large population of bacteria. Functionally speaking, is mainly used to adjust the air conditioning, to make the body feel most comfortable state, but appropriate, that the air environment for bacterial growth has created a good condition, is conducive to breeding bacteria. Moreover, in a closed space, the air can not flow with the outside world, the exchange, which would also make the bacteria.

   The air conditioning heat sink, for example, the above total of up to 160,000 bacteria / square centimeter, in China's air-conditioning heat sink 88% exceeded the total number of bacteria, bacteria were detected on average 40 times more than the standard value, the most serious recent excessive times.

   Air-conditioning system has been running for some time after the pipe will be within the debris collection and distribution center. Pollutants gathered in the pipeline to the breeding of bacteria. Air-conditioning systems, especially in damp environment and accelerate the growth of bacteria, resulting in the ventilation equipment is running, these bacteria and fungi will spread rapidly along the duct, spread to the entire building.

  Innovative technology to bring health and comfort Great

   According to the data show that the largest source of indoor air pollution is the central air conditioning, to be exact, original air supply system is unable to achieve cleaning and dust removal. Central air-conditioning system within a suitable temperature, humidity, dust there to provide nutrition to become a "breeding ground for bacteria and fungi." Vomit had central air conditioning should be clean and sanitary fresh air, but because of pipe pollution is serious, but spit is full of dust and dirty air of various bacteria.

   Currently China has more than 5 million central air conditioning unit used, of which a considerable part of the central air conditioning has never been cleaned for 20 years, more than 90% of the subjects there is central air conditioning system of bacteria or dust pollution, air conditioning duct into bacteria communication channel.

   Faced with increasingly serious air pollution, central air conditioning technology made great innovative programs - "really 100% of the new ones the wind." This is not just stop at great innovative ideas, the more ambitious product is truly the health and comfort for the customers, it has also become the only designated ambitious Expo venues dedicated air conditioning central air conditioning as an important reason.

   Especially the great non-electric central air conditioning system and air system the entire system at the end of the electrostatic dust removal technology and oxygen monitoring, these two technologies is currently at the world leading level, but also is the unique. It is worth mentioning that the world only a great master of the electrostatic dust removal.

   Electrostatic precipitator for the great end product of all the core device, released through the tungsten wire 6000 volts high voltage static electricity (current is 1-3 mA), through the principle of positive and negative attraction, instant absorption of air in all kinds of dust, and kill bacteria. Floating in the air, the majority of particles less than 10μm (1% mm), can enter the respiratory tract, is less than 2.5μm can be directly into the bloodstream. Electrostatic precipitators can absorb a minimum of 0.1μm particles and can be attached to the particles kill the bacteria, including pollen. General Electric CO2 sensors is tailored specifically for great precision optical instruments, you can always monitor the indoor oxygen content, carbon dioxide levels when the room is exceeded, the sensor will automatically alarm, prompt windows open for ventilation or air supply to increase the machine.

  Rudder great choice to build green and healthy exchange of life

   The face of increasingly fierce competition in today's society, most business professionals spend time each day indoors than outdoors a lot more, if you pay attention to air quality, coupled with the tremendous work pressure, health will be seriously threatened. Rudder Meeting together ambitious, is to improve the quality of business life, while paying attention to the quality of the green business, environmental, ecological, health several factors come into key positions of products, effort to build a green building, breathing house, lead a new mainstream eco-green business, promote a healthy lifestyle.

  Because of the high-end advance the awareness, Runde great exchange options.

   Rudder exchange characteristics of their products has always been positioned as a smart ecology, we can see, the developer committed to creating green buildings, from construction materials to the design are carried out strictly follows the concept. The great choice, it is the green, eco, green to the extreme.

   Rudder of fresh air for the exchange recognizes the importance of human health, recognized as a world-class business complex, comfortable and healthy working and living environment is essential. Rudder Department applied great non-electric central air conditioning systems and new air system, which will bring the benefits of numerous owners.

   First, the new system can discharge the indoor air to every corner of the cloudy air and fresh outdoor air through a filter and enter the room around, do not open the window can also enjoy nature and fresh air. Secondly, clear interior release of harmful gases after the long-term, beneficial to human health, but also avoid indoor furniture, moldy clothes and volatile toxic gases. Third, there is no secondary pollution of the traditional central air conditioning to avoid the "Air conditioning disease", the effective exclusion of the indoor variety of bacteria, viruses.

  Rudder Department to pursue the international mainstream green ideas, to build sustainable buildings. It is worth mentioning that, to live during the fair access to the entire North China, the only "energy-saving buildings in China Gold" award. The use of these great innovations, Runde exchange will become a "breathing" of the eco-building. Rudder will open a Meeting of the birth of new business era, leading the mainstream of the international eco-business, as well as in North China coastal region ecological environmentof the new leader. Jiang Hao

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   Run-de Exchange, located in Tianjin Binhai sound business district, Causeway Bay, C-01 block, with a total land of 1.11 hectares. Welcome Boulevard west, north shun Road, east of Commercial Street featuring Trimaran Road, south of the cross-Yong Lu, geographic location, convenient transportation, close to the third city of the living room Park East, overlooking the Haihe River, vision . Rudder exchange in the coastalXiangluowanthe set of global wisdom, wealth, opportunity in one of the lush land came into being, the core of guards Xiangluowan, proud landmark Xiangluowan squat, the matrix of new coastal stronghold, three-dimensional transportation network, and the center speed from the city, are making Runde sinks into the heart of another international CBD. Rudder exchange upgrade in the location, assets, technology, property management, functions, spheres of the six-round upgrade Xiangluowan will direct business life Xiangluowan rose to first class, enjoy a full range of high quality first class.

   Rudder Meeting uphold sustainable development, ecological and intelligence is the most prominent feature of the construction will be dedicated to "breathe" the house. Rudder par Expo Meeting, Tianjin, after the Expo the first to adopt ambitious non-electric central air conditioning system and fresh air systems of commercial buildings, the use of high-end technology to keep the indoor air fresh and clean, and create a healthy and comfortable environment. Building materials using hollow Low-E glass, with high thermal insulation high-performance green metal frame glass curtain wall.

   Rudder exchange functional also conducted a comprehensive upgrade, type design, low-key luxury, space utilization, and high detached collect all the wonderful generosity of space. Reasonable size and can be split to facilitate the free expansion of commercial space, scientific use of every inch of space, there is no redundancy of the Department. Delicate and graceful design, comfortable and full of fun.

   In property management, real estate services firm by the Global Century Colliers International for the Canadian international property management, customer service combined with the concept of globalization, the use of international operations management, fully one-round personal service, experience in the details of the new definition of world-class office, address, leisure space to ensure maximum value Runde exchange operations, maximize return on investment.

   American International Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of the portrait to join, as many highlights of the project. Tianjin, the only authority as certified by BOMA commercial buildings, Runde property owners and the Department settled the protection while maximizing corporate profits, in the operation and management concepts are also complementary with the BOMA's strategic thinking in order to enhance the brand value of the project. Colliers International and BOMA to join in property management, asset and circle the three-round upgrading Xiangluowan.