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Baumer latest FFAR optical liquid level sensor

2010-12-10 15:51:16


With optical Liquid Level Sensor FFAR technology, Baumer offers a solid stainless steel packaging testing equipment. With its far-infrared detection level, it also recognizes a variety of non-conductive liquid level. 

New FFAR sensor in the fluid and the sensor without the need for electrical connection between the case of dynamic linking or mechanical, it is easy to detect liquid level. Product testing principle is based on a translucent cone the total internal reflection infrared detection. The top of the sensor is surrounded by fluid or air, the case may be, the total reflection angle of light can change. If the sensor at the top is surrounded by a fluid, the beam steering fluid, the sensor in the exit transition state with the change. 

Since the sensor probe is the use of borosilicate glass and stainless steel boxes for packaging, the sensor is resistant to a lot of harmful substances. Instrument testing of liquid may be conductive, non conductive, the test environment can be dark or clear. All exposed parts of the surrounding medium can resist pressure of 40 bar, resistance temperature of 65 degrees.