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Ten key areas of public investment in the territory of a comprehensive upgrade of things

2010-12-16 17:46:17

  As a basic industry of the modern service industry, logistics has become a new growth point of national economy. At present, the total logistics costs account for approximately 18.4% of GDP, while European and American countries accounted for only 8.9% higher than the average level of developed countries doubled.

Steel tycoon forced to abandon private steel enterprises out internal and external career in medicine

  Meanwhile, the logistics industry is the policy support of the emerging industry , a time when rapid development. At present, China's logistics industry is in its infancy, and gradually enter the phase of rapid development; in 1991 for a total amount of social logistics in 2009, the average annual compound growth rate of value added logistics were 20% and 14%; logistics costs declining proportion of GDP, on behalf of the progress of the logistics industry, the proportion of our country has dropped 24% in 1991 to 18%, but the United States, Japan, the proportion of less than 10%, remains high, a huge space for development of the industry; the logistics industry is receiving all levels of government attach great importance to the industry the company off to a good development opportunities. Analysts expect the total social logistics in 2011, the logistics value-added growth rate of about 15%. Of emerging professional logistics enterprises, transformation of the traditional enterprise, integrated logistics service providers will most benefit from the logistics sector will also be the subject of the most investment value.

  Statistics show that in 2009 the national total social logistics 96.2 trillion yuan, an increase of nearly 5 times in 2000, the added value of 2.6 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP is 6.6%. Construction and development of China's logistics base in the current strong momentum in the country now has more than 200 different types of logistics parks. In this circumstance, a number of obvious economic benefits of information technology logistics base has emerged.

  In 2009, China's logistics supply chain information solutions market reached 812 million overall size ,2009-2011, China's logistics supply chain software market will grow an average of 45%, the overall size of the domestic market in 2010 will exceed one billion dollars. Brocade IT Logistics Supply Chain Research Center is optimistic forecasts, by 2010 the domestic logistics supply chain software market will exceed 2.1 billion.

  Concern that the speed railway, highway network built, high-speed rail construction, are meant the development of the logistics chain has reached a new level, the logistics industry is expected to accelerate the trend there, faced with the trend of accelerated growth . Therefore, the logistics sector is likely to generate high growth stocks.

  CITIC Securities ( 600,030 , stock it ) in 2011, highway and rail investment strategy in the logistics industry that charges need to focus on road sector adjustment, integration of the subject matter of the stocks of assets opportunities. Jiangsu, Jilin, and Anhui provinces have been adjusted highway fees, which fees will be adjusted provinces indicates the arrival of the wave of governance over weight charges and to adjust rates or will be the best opportunity; the financing needs of the Group increased turnover, High Speed Group will accelerate the pace or the overall market, with a double theme will be more investment value of stocks, such as Yueda Investment ( 600,805 , stock it ), Chutian speed ( 600,035 , stock it ), Shandong Expressway ( 600,350 , stock it ), Sichuan Chengyu ( 601,107 , stock it ) and so on. According to projections, steady economic growth in 2011, GDP growth was 9.5%, 2011, passenger and cargo will maintain steady growth, the growth rate were 10% and 15%.

  Meanwhile, analysts said the railway industry is the ultimate beneficiaries of the high iron feast. High-speed railway construction triumph, as at present, high-speed rail operation mileage of China has reached 7431 km, to reach 13,000 km in 2012. Four vertical and four horizontal main backbone of the construction is completed, the railway passenger transport capacity will exceed 70 million passengers / year, when China's rail transport will regain dominance.Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway ( 601006 , stock it ) the issuance of additional equity financing of the Ministry of Railways opened the curtain, the expected "stock-for-increment" financing will accelerate the pace. Market participants expect the industry boom will continue in 2011, passenger rail lines are built and by the impact of high growth accelerated, about 10%; cargo restricted transport capacity, the growth rate somewhat slower, about 5%.

  The current A-share market, involving intelligent logistics of listed companies is very rare, only the Eternal Asia and the Pegasus International ( 002,210 , stock it ) the two companies.

  Referring to the industry when the opportunity arises in 2011, CITIC Securities analyst in 2011, the logistics sector with good investment opportunities, road sections will continue to stock market, the railway sector as a defensive variety of configurations. Logistics industry is in the best period of development, the plates are within the high-quality stocks will share this excellent opportunity for development, recommended rapid growth performance of bonded technology ( 600,794 , stock it ), Western Australia Shunchang ( 002,245 , stock it ), the new logistics Ning ( 300,013 , stock it ), but also concerned with the expected integration of assets in the reserve stock ( 600787 , stock it ); road sector economy excellent, with the rate adjustment, integration of the expected stocks of assets of concern, focusing on recommended Yueda investment Dongguan Holdings ( 000,828 , stock it ), Chutian speed; and that the railway industry boom will continue, at a valuation of the bottom plate, a return to a reasonable valuation of the demand, if the market transition to the blue-chip style, may be concerned about Datong-Qinhuangdao railway.

  Environmental and safety testing to improve technical barriers related companies benefit

  Enabling the development of environmental monitoring instrumentation industry continuing to adopt the policy. National environmental policies of deepening environmental monitoring instruments for the development of the industry provide a broad market, while the encouragement of new technology products for the innovative companies will provide greater opportunities for development. " Twelve Five "is also worth the wait.

  October 2006, China promulgated the "National Ecological Protection" Eleventh Five-Year "plan", depth ecological monitoring, the establishment of ground observation stations, and gradually improve the ecological monitoring network. The following year in November, China has introduced the "National Environmental Protection" Eleventh Five-Year "plan", called for the implementation of key industrial pollution emission automatic monitoring. Focus on the development of online automatic monitoring system, hazardous waste identification of special instruments, fine particles and organic contaminants sampling equipment, dioxin analysis equipment, pollution monitoring and emergency equipment, pollution, remote telemetry systems.

  April 2010, the state introduced the "current state encourages the development of environmentally friendly industrial equipment (products) catalog," and specifically encourage the development of environmental monitoring equipment has automatic monitor ammonia, chemical oxygen demand line water quality monitoring instrument, ultraviolet (UV) absorption automatic online monitoring of water quality, UV difference Continuous Emission Monitoring system, laser process gas analysis system.

  At the same time, environmental monitoring instrumentation industry demand in the high-speed development, while the higher entry barriers for business development within the industry to provide a guarantee. Entry barriers mainly reflected in three aspects: (1) Quality and Technical Supervision of environmental monitoring instrumentation industry access to relevant requirements, the need to obtain "measuring equipment manufacturing license" or "repair of measuring instruments permit"; (2) The current demand for environmental monitoring instruments industry mainly in the field of high-end products, so the products have high technical requirements; (3) out of the instrument quality and future issues to consider after-sales service, environmental monitoring equipment, most of the money recovered normal 3-6 months, plus 10% of the retention money, leading to rapid growth in accounts receivable, sales of capital returns slow.

  At present, the environment and safety testing of small listed companies, related companies are:

  Precedent for environmental protection ( 300,137 , stock it ), the company is specialized in high-end environment for online monitoring instrumentation research and development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. The company's core products, continuous automatic air quality monitoring system, to fill the gap, Hebei Province, the only national independent innovation through the trial product; acid rain monitoring system, is the first system to achieve automatic detection of acid rain, the relevant 2 the drafting of national standards by the company.

  News Controls million ( 300,112 , stock it ), the electric actuator is the company's core products can be divided into light and heavy load type electric actuator actuators and building three types of products. The company has mastered the core technology of the main products, only the electric actuator of the products the company to master the five core technologies, and 5 patents.

  Hanwei Electronics ( 300,007 , stock it ), the company engaged in gas sensor and detection instruments more than ten years, with technical superiority, quality advantages, cost advantages, advantages of fast response and gradually become the industry leader. Company's gas detection instruments in the domestic market share of the top three.

  Weier Tai, the company of intelligent differential pressure / pressure transmitter is a famous brand in Shanghai, WT series of intelligent pressure transmitter is the first recognized by the international pressure transmitter HART Foundation, and has received the European CE certification .

  Since the instrument of shares ( 600,848 , stock it ), the company in February 2010 to 3.3576 million yuan transferee rail-related assets, the company integrated monitoring system, integrated monitoring of the rail cross-business automation control system has a positive meaning.

  Technology Monitoring ( 002,322 , stock it ), transformer-line monitoring of leading enterprises: the company's core product line monitoring system for the transformer chromatography (MGA), the product can be achieved on the power transformer oil dissolved gas in the line monitoring and fault diagnosis, mainly used in power companies, power companies and large power users and above 110kV power transformer.

  High-end industrial and manufacturing automation gives life

  Automatic control is no one directly involved in the case, the use of additional equipment or devices, so that the machine, equipment or production process to a working state or parameters to automatically run according to predetermined rules. Automatic control is a relative concept in terms of manual control.

  Since the reform and opening, China's use of cheap, abundant labor advantage to develop export-oriented low-end manufacturing, after years of development, "Made in China" goods become cheaper goods flooded the world, China's crude steel production accounts for the continuous improvement of the proportion of global production It is a true portrayal of this model.

  But with the continuous development of our economy, the changing social environment, the shortcomings of the existing development pattern gradually emerged: first, the extensive development of low-end manufacturing overwhelmed our country's resources, on the whole, our country is resource-poor countries, The rapid development of low-end manufacturing consume a large amount of resources in recent years, rapid growth of resource consumption, making the extent of resources required to gradually increase.

  Transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, including design, manufacturing, sales and other links, upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry started from the manufacturing sector, automation of two aspects: 1) to automate the equipment instead of manual. 2) replace the non-intelligent devices intelligent devices.

  From the current situation, China's manufacturing industries and upgrade the conditions of gradually mature, first of all is our government's strong support for the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, followed by China with the objective conditions, such as the proportion of higher education rising talent, while enterprises transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector has the desire and strength.

  Robot, is a company with independent intellectual property rights of industrial robots and automation complete equipment suppliers. November 29, 2010 announcement, the company plans to invest 2 billion construction of "high-end equipment and laser technology innovation and industrialization projects", which intends to raise capital by 120 million yuan over the remaining 80 million yuan of assets and equipment to be used controlled sub- 90% of the company Shanghai New Song to a realistic assessment of the amount of equity capital. Project construction includes a joint technology and application of industrial materials, including: fiber optic sensors, wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, cloud manufacturing.

  Soft control of shares ( 002,073 , stock it ), in January 2010 the company was identified as the "2009 state planning key software enterprises", the company in 2009 will be reduced to 10% income tax levy, the company enjoyed in 2008 the income tax tax incentives. Our main business is for the tire rubber industry application software and system integration of digital equipment development and manufacturing, rubber products for the tire manufacturers to provide comprehensive mechanical and electrical integration, automation, information technology solutions. Automatic weighing the company's core product batching system in the domestic market share of more than 85%.

  Weier Tai, the company has the concept of things. Proceeds to the Company 52 million yuan investment in water treatment systems integration project, expected annual after-tax profit of 8,924,200 yuan will further enhance the company's strength in systems integration, through the introduction of Siemens Profibus fieldbus protocol based on SIMATIC PCS7 process control system, to enter municipal supply, drainage areas of automation systems integration projects.

  Kymmene technology ( 300,124 , stock it ), the company is mainly engaged in industrial automation and control product development, production and sales, high-end equipment manufacturers to provide control system solutions, the main products include low-voltage inverter, integration and special plane, the servo system and the PLC and so on. Mainly used in metal products, cables, elevators, automotive manufacturing and other industries.

  Therefore, the domestic capital market, listed companies in industrial automation are also constantly upgrading their core technology. A shares, industrial automation and control associated with the listed companies are robots, soft control shares, Weier Tai, Huichuan Technology, Beijing, Career ( 002,350 , stock it ), Chi-Yun shares ( 300,097 , stock it ), State Power NARI ( 600,406 , stock it ), Kim Ji Science and Technology ( 002,090 , stock it ), WAN News Controls, have control of the sea ( 002,184 , stock it ), Division Far shares ( 002,380 , stock it ), Zhenhua Heavy Industries ( 600,320 , shares bar ), integrated into an electronic ( 002,339 , stock it ) and the days of odd shares ( 002,009 , stock it ) and other stocks.