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Pepperl + fuchs new sensors in metal material inspection application

2011-06-28 15:20:12

 Printed circuit board production in the process to have a process for vacuum cups will pieces according to different types of cascade circuit classification. Generally, the circuit board of separation between nonmetal layer can protect circuit boards, prevent damaged. If there was a problem packaging, it can't keep a separate layer and a circuit board this space sequence. So, vacuum cups must be able to detect if the circuit boards of adsorption stratification. The past this work usually use it's very expensive color sensors to detect; Whenever met the new color, should use the divverify program to color sensors to programming.

Figure 1: PMI210-F110-IV-V1 inductive analog sensor test printed circuit board

   PMI inductive analog sensor (see figure 1) for the work provide new solutions. Inductive sensor wide measuring range, can detect a large number of circuit board materials; Even a small amount of track layout can work normally. Inductive analog sensor using elastic suspension in the circuit board and separation, on top of the suction on printed circuit boards, gently role of tiny ripples on the no effect (see figure 2). Because the analog output, can achieve precise control system measurement purposes. Inductive sensor to copper trace elements have strong sensitivity, can be competent detection circuit board of work. But don't have separate layers to detection circuit board of separation ability, so can test on a piece of a circuit board or next. Due to the inductive principle detection, in change materials do not have new color preverification process.

Figure 2: elastic suspension PMI210-F110-IV-V1 inductive analog sensor test printed circuit board
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