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Japan FIGARO company

2013-04-19 15:57:19

Japan Figaro FIGARO Company Profile: 
----- Gas sensitive technology leader in the field of 

Japan Figaro FIGARO company 10 years, the security, air quality control, HVAC, home appliance, automobile, and other areas of the world provides both functional and highly reliable sensors. 

Japan Figaro FIGARO company's main product list: 

Dissolved oxygen sensor KDS-25B 

Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor TGS5042 

Oxygen sensor (KE-25 KE-50) 

Catalytic combustion FCM6812 combustible gas sensor module 

Catalytic combustion combustible gas sensor TGS6810 

Oxygen (O2) sensor SK - 25 

Food vapor sensor TGS880 

Combustible gas sensor TGS2610 

Water vapor sensor TGS2180 

Carbon monoxide CO sensor TGS2442 

Air quality sensor TGS2600 

FSM-A-003 type air-quality testing module 

FSM-A-002 type air-quality testing module 

Air Quality Inspection module AMS2600 

Automobile exhaust sensor TGS2104 

Combustible gas sensor TGS813 

Combustible Gas Sensor Module LPM2610 

Combustible Gas Sensor Module NGM2611 

Nitrogen dioxide NO2 sensor TGS2106 

CO / CO sensor TGS203 

Exhaust gas sensor TGS2201 

Ammonia sensor TGS2444 

Air quality sensor TGS2602 

Combustible gas sensor TGS2611 

Combustible gas sensor TGS2612 

Alcohol Sensor TGS2620 

Methane / carbon monoxide sensor TGS3870 

Combustible gas sensor TGS816 

Hydrogen (H2) sensor TGS821 

Alcohol sensor TGS822 

Carbon monoxide detector module COM2442 

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensor TGS825 

Ammonia (NH3) sensor TGS826 

Halogen gas sensor TGS830 

Halogen Sensor TGS831 

R-134a halogen gas sensor TGS832 

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