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Switzerland rotronic company

2013-04-19 16:49:30

Switzerland rotronic company 

---- Forefront of leading the humidity measurement 
Ruishiluozhuo Nick's products are based on unique HygroClip digital technology, represents the most advanced parameters of humidity measurement technology, with high accuracy, high stability known to the world. 

ROTRONIC is a manufacturing center on the Swiss Precision Products - Bassersdorf a large temperature and humidity and moisture sensing technology related parameters of school equipment manufacturing company, its history and the humidity of science instruments over 50 years of manufacturing experience, worldwide United States, Germany, France, Britain, Taiwan and a number of branches and over 100 professional agents or offices, the humidity sensor study , transmitter , humidity control system in all areas throughout the world. 
ROTRONIC humidity theory of attention, concern the development of new sensor technology and use of precise and rigorous attention to data, concerns the manufacturing cost, training and services concerned, the sound operation, successfully created a calendar more than half of the global Humidity school brand. 

Of the most advanced electronic technology and manufacturing processes, Luozhuoniketemperature and humidity levels enjoy worldwide recognition, measurement products, includinghand-held humidity meter , temperature and humidity transmitter , water activity equipment, temperature and humidity recorder, humidity generator, etc. . 
Used in the drying process, weather, food, paper, semiconductor, chemical, military fields. 
ROTRONIC has always more well-known clients such as Siemens, SIEMENS, INTEL Intel, KODAK Kodak, HONEYWELL, JOHNSON CONTRAL, HP HP, P & G Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Master Kong, the national standard material centers, etc. 

Switzerland rotronic the list of products: moisture holding sheet HygroPalm 0 , H290D temperature and humidity environmental test equipment dedicated transmitter , explosion temperature and humidity transmitter , etc. 

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