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American Honeywell Company

2010-04-26 16:28:38

American Honeywell) sensor is the world famous sensor manufacturer, the production of Honeywell sensors in the field of leading global control.
---- Honeywell high-quality temperature and integrated temperature sensor expert 
       The integrated temperature and humidity sensor with meter-class measurement performance, linear amplifier output voltage, precision device consistent.

---- Honeywell is the leader in the global control 
       The pressure sensor uses micro-machined silicon sensor with a unique stress concentration enhanced structure, may provide a proportional pressure on the high stability of the linear output. 
      Its gas mass flow sensor using the latest micro-machining technology, laser etching to ensure the consistency of the device. 
      Infrared optical components of its products are reliable, cost-effective sensors.
Honeywell sensor
  (Honeywell sensor) 
       American Honeywell sensors produced by Hall sensor is a magnetic sensor. It can detect the magnetic field and with the changes in a variety of occasions with the magnetic field used. Hall-Hall-effect sensor to base its work, is a subsidiary of the Hall element and its integrated sensor circuit. Hall sensors in industrial production, transportation and daily life has a very wide range of applications. 

    American Hall (Honeywell) main product list: 

Magnetoresistive sensor HMC1052L 

Infrared emitting diode SE3455/5455

Infrared emitting diode SE3470/5470 

Infrared emitting diode SEP8505/8506

Optical Level Switch LLE101000 and LLE105000 

Hall effect position sensor SS443A 

Flow sensor AWM720P1 

Flow sensor AWM5000 Series 

Flow sensor AWM3000 Series 

Flow sensor AWM2000 Series 

Flow sensor AWM43600 

Barcode Sensor HOA6480 

Infrared photoelectric sensor slot 

Reflective Optical Kit HLC1395/HOA0149/1397/1405 

Reflective Optical Kit HOA1180/2498 

Encoder sensor HOA0901/HLC2705 

Optical Receiver SD5600/5610 Schmidt 

Optical Receiver SDP8600 Smit 

Optical crystal (receive control) SDP8405/8406 

Optical crystal (receive control) SD3443 

Humidity sensor HIH4010

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