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British Alphasense company

2010-04-26 16:40:26

      British Alphasense is a research and development, manufacturing various high quality gas sensors professional manufacturer, has received worldwide recognition of many customers. We OEM to many world-renowned manufacturer of quality oxygen sensor , toxic gas and combustible gas sensors, sensor range of quality sensors. 
      If you create a portable or stationary industrial gas detection alarm, gas analyzer or environmental monitoring instrument, then you need to have Alphasense sensor solution.

Why Alphasense sensor:

 Customer First

 High-quality, high performance sensor

 Low failure rates

 Fast and stable supply

 Unreserved and experienced technical guidance

 Positive response

 Early Support

       Reliable and continuous improvement of quality 

British Alphasense main product list: 

Gas sensor can detect hydrogen fluoride HCL-A1 
PID Photoionization gas sensor PID-A1 (large range)
Hydrogen cyanide gas sensor HCN-A1 
Hydrogen cyanide sensor HCN-B1 
Hydrogen cyanide gas sensor HCN-D4 
Ethylene oxide sensor ETO-B1 
Ethylene oxide gas sensor ETO-A1 
PID Photoionization gas sensor PID-AH (small scale)
Phosphine gas sensor PH3-A1 
Phosphine Gas Sensor PH3-B1 
Phosphine gas sensor PH3-BE 
Hydrogen sulfide sensor H2S-D4 (Mini) 
Double air carbon monoxide / hydrogen) sensor D2 
Long-life oxygen sensor (O2-A3)
Oxygen Sensor O2-A1 (1 year life) 
Nitrogen dioxide sensor NO2-AE (Wide Range) 
Infrared methane (CH4) sensor Cirius-1 
Hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas sensor HCL-A1
Carbon monoxide gas sensor CO-CX (anti-smoke, anti-H2) 
Carbon monoxide gas sensor CO-CF (anti-smoke, with filters)
Carbon monoxide gas sensor CO-CE (anti-smoke, a lot of range) 
Carbon monoxide sensor CO-AX (anti-H2) 
Carbon monoxide sensor CO-AF (small, with a filter membrane) 
Carbon monoxide gas sensor CO-AE (small, with a filter membrane, a large number of processes) 
Catalytic combustion gas sensor CH-A3 
Sulfur dioxide sensor SO2-D4 (fixed) 
Sulfur dioxide sensor SO2-BF (fixed) 
Sulfur dioxide sensor SO2-AF (portable) 
Sulfur dioxide sensor SO2-AE (Wide Range) 
Oxygen Sensor O2-G2 (Small size) 
Oxygen Sensor O2-G1 (small size)
Oxygen Sensor O2-C3 
Oxygen Sensor O2-C2 
Nitric Oxide Sensor NO-D4 
NO-B1 Nitric Oxide Sensors 
Nitric Oxide Sensor NO-AE
Nitric Oxide Sensor NO-A1
Nitrogen dioxide sensor NO2-D4
Nitrogen dioxide gas sensor NO2-B1 (fixed) 
Nitrogen dioxide sensor NO2-A1 (portable)
Hydrogen sulfide sensor H2S-D1 (small size) 
Hydrogen sulfide gas sensor H2S-BH (fixed, high current) 
Hydrogen sulfide sensor H2S-BE (large range)
Hydrogen sulfide sensor H2S-B1 (fixed, small current) 
Hydrogen sulfide sensor H2S-AH (high current) 
Hydrogen sulfide H2S-AE sensor 
Hydrogen sulfide sensor H2S-A1
Carbon monoxide sensor CO-DF (small size)
CO-D4 Carbon Monoxide Sensors
Electrochemical chlorine sensor CL2-D4 (Mini) 
Infrared carbon dioxide CO2 sensor IRC-A1 
Electrochemical chlorine sensor CL2-B1 (fixed) 
Electrochemical chlorine sensor CL2-A1 

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