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GSS the UK company

2010-04-26 16:46:37

       UK companies use InSb GSS aluminum NDIR LED technology to develop innovative gas sensors with fast, real-time, low cost and high accuracy and so on. Unique mid-infrared solid-state technology is used carbon dioxide sensors, this sensor suitable for mass production, and is widely used in many fields, such as portable instrumentation, HVAC, IAQ, industrial process control.

November 25, 2008, the British GSS companies (gas sensor) granted China sole agent APOLLO, APOLLO designated exclusively for GSS in Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), all business and technical support.

GSS is the UK Apollo Technology Co., Ltd. faithful partner! Need to understand the GSS sensor price, GSS sensors offer please contact Online customer service website on the right, also available online message or call the advice, thank you for visiting!