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France humirel company

2010-04-26 16:52:27

       France Humirel Inc. is the world renowned famous humidity sensor expert, has a long history. Process design based on a unique capacitive components, patented solid polymer structure, anti-static, anti-dust, anti-corrosive gases. Production of sensors have good interchangeability, flooding or condensation can be resumed after 10 seconds, with good long-term stability and reliability, the annual shift of 0.5% RH / Year. 

       Apollo Technology Co., Ltd. is a French humirel agent in the mainland areas of cooperation for 10 years. 

France Humirel product list: HS1101/HS1101LF humidity capacitance sensor , capacitive humidity sensor HTF3226LF ,
HM1500/HM1500LF 、  Temperature and humidity integrated module voltage output HTG3515CH , temperature and humidity integrated module voltage output HTM226LF , temperature and humidity sensor humidity sensor integrated HM1500/HM1500LF , humidity sensor HM1504 , relative humidity and temperature module HTG3835CH  And so on.
        France humirel company is in Apollo Technology Co., Ltd. faithful partner! Need to understand humirel sensor price, humirel sensors offer please contact customer service website on the right line, also available online message or call the advice, thank you for visiting!