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South Korea syhitech company

2010-04-26 17:38:09

South Korea syhitech Company Profile:

----South Korea SYHITECH dust sensor , stable performance.

South Korea SYHITECH dust sensor works: 
Calculator using the same principle with the particle based detection of the absolute number of particles per unit volume.

South Korea SYHITECH dust sensor characteristics:

1, can sense the tobacco smoke and pollen production, housing and small dust particles such as micron and above

2, small size, light weight, easy to install

3, maintenance is simple, keeping the long term characteristics of the sensor

South Korea SYHITECH dust sensor uses:
       Clean air machines, air conditioners, ventilation fans, environmental monitoring. Vacuum cleaner

South Korea syhitech the list of products: SYH-2/SYH-2s humidity resistance , resistance SYH-1/SYH-1s humidity sensor , dust / dust sensor DSM501 , Humidity Sensor Module SY-HS-230 , humidity sensor module SY-HS -220 and so on. 

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