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Traction to promote the Internet of Things applications for the development of fiber optic sensors

2010-11-10 11:17:41

At the 11th Western China International Fair occasion of the opening, RFID World Network invited to participate in 2010 China was held in Chengdu (Chengdu) International Summit of things. The following is the "standardization of sensor technology and sensor networks," Special Forum on the scene reported.

Dean of Engineering, Rao Yunjiang Information Presentation:

I am from University of Electronic Science and Technology Communication and Information Engineering, I mainly talk about the future development of optical fiber trend of things.

Course of development of things in the country, the Ministry of Industry should be said that things in the country to actively promote development initiatives, and policy formulation.

The definition of things: of things is the integration of many networks, especially communication networks,
sensor networks, there is widespread talk about the use of the Internet.

Industrial chain of things, there are the middle and lower reaches. At present the development of better middle and lower reaches, the previous decade, especially in the development of Internet technology, so the development of middle and lower reaches should be said that a basis for the current relatively in place. Especially the middle this one, because the development of optical fiber technology, as well as 4G, 3G and other technologies, have laid a good platform for an information processing and transmission platform. The difficulty is now upstream. Including the United States in the
sensor network, sensors, chips, etc. There are also relevant material in the world is leading in domestic and abroad is a big gap compared to the.

For the
sensor network, we summarize that the mainstream sensor network technology. First, wireless sensor network, we say that wireless everywhere, interoperability, such a definition. Also the core of wireless sensor networks based on micro-nano sensor network. No fiber optic sensor network, the Internet is not run up. Fiber in the coming years, will gradually replace the previous cable. Japan is now developing very fast piece. Therefore, the development of communications is developing rapidly as a sensor.

The status of optical fiber sensing technology

The advantages of both optical fiber
sensor can be transmitted, but also sensing. Wireless sensor communication will not be able to do, and pass the communication, there can be a sensor.

The characteristics of
sensor technology, which can detect changes in light various parameters: such as phase, wavelength, polarization, intensity and so on.

Electronic Science and Technology R & D base and based on a number of years of accumulation, so we received the invitation of Wuxi Government to set up a
sensor network Wuxi Technology Research Center. The center is a "Feel China" a part of the development as a university where a backbone to develop, we have RFID, wireless sensor networks, fiber optic sensor network. Wireless sensor networks have a number of projects, mainly to do low-power chips, nodes.

Research Centre of optical fiber technology. Main research areas include: aviation, large-scale structure, security, electricity, geology, petrochemical, military, transportation and other fields. Today is a forum for the industry chain, talk about some techniques. University of Electronic Science and Technology which in this piece, in the optical fiber
sensor in the international community has a great reputation in the international conference is the first, second, as the organization of the International Conference Committee, in international journals as associate editor Therefore, we have a good team and innovative technology platform.

Things with the use of fiber optic
sensor network

First, the fence has been completed fiber optic intrusion (fire) detection system software and hardware development, has established a fiber fence invasion (fire) detection system, a demonstration platform, and began to industrialization, got a lot of support for enterprise funds, the current application in this area many tens of kilometers can do. Including the building, substation and other places of use. These specific indicators, and Israel, the United States and other foreign powers compared to our technical indicators better than they are low.

Second, the long-range distributed optical fiber sensing system that can reach 76 kilometers, has reached the international advanced level, you can measure the temperature stuck. Among the most typical is the use of smart grid. Wang was also talked about the problem of photoelectric composite cable, cables can be transmitted. Just talked about this a smart grid transmission, how to control the temperature of the cable to ensure the efficiency of optimization, 80 degrees, not over it, do not lower than it is to have a very strong perception that this technology is the first international one made out of, like Canada, Japan can already do. This is an oil and gas pipelines, and put on a future, they can always sense the case of oil spills.

In the industrial, high temperature pressure
sensor, a set of the German custom.

By the National Natural Science Foundation support of key projects, for example, the first international natural poly micro fiber FP temperature

Power industry, dedicated
fiber optic sensors are actively doing.

Future trends. IPV6 the next generation of Internet use in large numbers, this is dependent on the core transport layer, the next network, we say that the triple play is also popular, these are good things development platform.

Our communications were, and now there are several access network. Wireless access is very convenient, flexible, 3G video quality is not as good. So this which we can about that and then fiber to the home of this opportunity, it is envisaged that the framework structure. Therefore, in this which we can see, I have access to optical fiber sensing, optical wireless integration of
sensor access.

We raised a new name, called "fiber of things." Fiber-optic technology won the Nobel Prize in Physics last year, technically, we have developed optical fiber
sensor, integrated into these two together, integration of optical fiber sensing and communication networks. Things fiber ultra-high capacity through the integration of optical fiber transmission media, became a reality, the speed is very fast, very large capacity, the speed of light. So, for the wisdom of the Earth made a favorable support.

Things need a range of optical fiber research projects. We are now actively participating in the State, including the international cooperation in addressing the future of a high degree of integration among the various
sensor communication technology issues, and some academic issues. Therefore, China has a good chance this one should say, just said, we need standards, but standards need content, I agree with the views of Technical Director of Datang Telecom, which improve the optical properties of our networking technology, in the post 3 years, talk to a good standard, there is no technical standard, the whole is false. Therefore, technology development and a certain standard of practice and the use of a large number generated.

At the end, when a suggestion: that the application of traction of things, seize the opportunity to work closely with production and research with government to promote the development of fiber optic
sensor network.