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Later to be installed underground mining enterprise security hedge

2010-11-16 10:45:39

Recently, the State Administration of Production Safety Supervision and enacting "metal and nonmetal underground mine safety supervision and inspection and hedging" 6 large system "installation Interim Provisions" in the future underground mine safety and production capacity will be further protected.

    Safe-haven metal and nonmetal underground mine safety, "6 large system" refers to the monitoring and control systems, emergency refuge system, underground personnel positioning system, water rescue system, air pressure self-help system and communication contact system.

    Interim Provisions clear that the underground mining enterprises should face the end of 2011 to establish mining safety monitoring system, set the wind speed sensor and
carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensor; in the middle of each compartment or at least set up a rescue chamber for disaster prevention; and medium-sized enterprises in the underground mine before the end of June 2012, other companies in the end of June 2013 before the construction of complete underground personnel positioning system.

    Underground mining enterprises should establish security hedge "6 large-scale systems" management system, management and maintenance of dedicated staff.
While strengthening the training to ensure staff are familiar with into the wells of various disaster situations refuge route every year to carry out a security hedge "6 large-scale systems" emergency drills.

    Recently, Hangzhou around the underground mine safety regulators will start safety checks, and to investigate potential hazards classification.