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Microsoft Kinect dismantling report about $ 56 BOM

2010-11-16 13:54:31

Recently, UBM Tech dismantling report, Microsoft's gaming peripherals, somatosensory Kinect the BOM cost of about $ 57, the main chips from Marvell, Texas Instruments, PrimeSense and STMicroelectronics.



"One of the most important to the number of winners from Israel PrimeSense, the company provided for the Kinect including audio, image processors and video interface."

Kinect front panel consists of four microphones, users can accurately locate. The action is determined by infrared camera. The other two are 16-bit grayscale image sensor 32-bit true color QVGA and VGA.

The cost of 57 dollars, 18 dollars are spent PrimeSense reference design, including microphone, camera and processor.

Microsoft estimates before Christmas, will sell 5.5 million Kinect, for suppliers it really is a joyful thing.

Kinect main components at a glance:

PrimeSense PS1080-A2 - PS1080 SoC image sensor processor (processing CMOS image sensors and infrared sensors)
Marvell 88AP1-BJD2: camera interface controller may be
Elpida E5116AJBG-6E-E: 70nm DDR2 SDRAM (SI # 18324)
Two Marvell G39 00A1P
H1025519 XBOX1001 X851716-006 GEPP: Marvell controller supporting serial EEPROM
Fairchild FDS8984: N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET
NEC uPD720114: USB 2.0 Hub Controller
Two Wolfson WM8737G: microphone pre-amplifier (each one corresponds to a microphone)
STMicroelectronics 25P16V6G M25P16 16Mb serial flash memory pressure, including the 50Hz SPI bus interface
STMicroelectronics H28A 9017
WT245 Texas Instruments SN74AVC4T245TGYR: 4 位 noninverting dual-supply bus transceiver
Texas Instruments 70530-08T-AVF4 - TPS3705-30: Processor power protection circuit
Texas Instruments TAS1020B: USB bus peripheral interface devices
Kionix KXSD9: 3-axis accelerometer
(2) ADI AD8694: Quad, low power, low noise, CMOS Rail-to-Rail Output Operational Amplifier
Texas Instruments ADS7830I: I2C Interface 8-bit, 8-channel AD converter
Allegro A3906: Dual Full Bridge Low Voltage Motor Driver
STMicroelectronics M29W800DB - 8Mb (1Mb * 8 or 512Kb * 16) non-volatile flash memory