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Central air-conditioning condensate drainage lift pump Profile

2010-11-16 14:57:13

     Air-conditioning to work, the air conditioning to produce large amounts of condensation water. Humidity in the air the greater the amount of condensate produced by the greater. With the development of modern architecture, people increasingly high demand for housing design, the question embedded in the ceiling on top of air conditioners have become increasingly prominent, the architectural design of the emissions of air conditioning condensate water demand is increasingly important.

    Level control in air conditioning condensate has many years of experience in creating the Shanghai West Europe and the United States Trade Co., Ltd. Main control air conditioning condensate technical advice and sales agent, with service AIRWELL, CARRIER, DAKIN, CEAT, McQUAY, HAIER, MIDEA such as air-conditioning class customer experience, enhance the provision of air conditioning condensate discharge products to address these many problems.

The system includes water pump and the detection and control in two parts. Installed in the water level detection part of the disk. When the water rises to a certain position, send a signal to the detection part of the control circuit, automatic control of pump drainage. In the case of condensate water at risk intraday high, the water level measurement and control system can automatically and immediately cut off the air supply, to stop working. Shiyou resume of normal operation.

The device has the following advantages:

1, the entire system with liquid level sensor for automatic control and protection of high water level alarm, a high degree of human intelligence is simply to eliminate air conditioning condensate water overflow problems.

2, due to the addition of drainage pump, making the water in the water with a dynamic, in flux, dirt is not easy deposition.

3, widely used, regardless of what type of air conditioning are applied by different condensation water displacement, there are two pumps to choose from.

4, the entire system easy to install and removable, if any part is damaged, user can replace one part demolition, significant savings in product costs.

5, drainage lift pump is easy to install, but there is no difference between the water level requirements, the installation height can be allowed to choose to install to solve the architectural design and installation of the elevation problem, engineering decorative surface increased.

6, part of the sensitive detection of liquid level sensor components, can move a few million times, it