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Meteorological data is that

2010-11-16 17:14:37

How does weather come from? How weather data is baked? With these questions, Lu Xun Foreign Language School students recently came to the county Bureau of Meteorology, social practice.

Bureau of Meteorology for the first time the students arrived, we have shown a special curiosity, scrambling around the commentator to listen carefully. Meteorological observations on the ground floor, looking at one observation instruments: one hundred boxes, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, pressure sensors, humidity sensors to new things, you better be very, very excited.
Explain the meteorological staff, everyone while taking notes, while more inquiries, understanding of meteorological observations in the field of operation of various instruments and observing the work room and saw the infrared satellite images and radar images.

County Bureau of Meteorology staff to tell you, these instruments collected by data transmission lines to the inside, and then spread to computer data, these data reflect the time temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure and other elements of fact, the final analysis, becomes we see the weather forecast.
Weather seemingly simple but includes many procedures.

The practice is Lu Xun