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Pepperl + Fuchs SU19 and SU18 series fiber optic sensors

2010-11-23 15:04:57

Performance fiber optic sensors sufficient to meet the wide variety of industrial applications. SU19 series with high-resolution 4-digit display, SU18 is a standard optical fiber sensor (fiber optic sensors). The two fiber optic sensors to provide users with a simple and fast operation.

For the parameter settings, just locate the object to be detected, press the button on the sensor self-learning. The AGC amplifier and automatic switching using the threshold principle, these smart sensors will detect small parts such as automatic calibration and switch the best threshold value is set to enlarge.



  For special tasks SU19 series: a high resolution 4-digit display

      These optical sensors are the most demanding application environments to facilitate the fiber amplifier. Can provide highly accurate, easy to read, clear data.
      Bypass wiring backplane to reduce costs and also saves energy and time. Compared with other sensors, SU19 replacement of the standard speed rail is more convenient and faster.
Advantages at a glance:
      · 6 timer function modes and a variety of options for a variety of applications, comparison and not more than 30 microseconds maximum high-speed mode, or target detection transparent glass models.

· Minimum size: only 8 mm wide, 63 mm long in the master / slave concept and access to the rear axle

· High resolution, clear and smooth operation of the display data shows the percentage of
      · Clear target detection, simply press the Settings button twice and use of AGC technology

      Economy SU18 series
fiber optic sensors for a variety of standard industrial applications. Dual display obvious easy sensor installation, the monitor signal stability, the operation of key functions to show whether the reserve value.
      Users can easily toggle through three operating mode DIP switches, no additional programming. Special features include rapid object detection mode and low-resolution mode differences.

      Long-distance high-power fiber detection sensor applications

      With high power and more than 1.6 meters in length the basic unit of distance sensors provide a high-end performance of the sensor. The sensor is dust, grease and dirt Ideal for applications such as the environment. The optical system provides high-performance security functionality.
Advantages at a glance:
       · Built-in AGC (automatic gain control) function, set the fast and convenient

· Four versions of the optional, SU18/36 power type and SU16 standard, button to set the type or potentiometer adjustment type is optional.
        · Optional timer function and application-specific function of various operating modes
        · 8 mm narrow housing over the same sensor can be installed
        · Signal state dual LED indication and a clear high brightness power state