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ASDX Series pressure transducers

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ASDX Series pressure transducers
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Categories:  Amplify Pressure Sensors

Product Description:

ASDX Series pressure transducers
——Digital pressure transducers

GENERAL DESCRIPTION of pressure transducer:
The ASDX series features a digital 12-bit output signal and offers OEM customers pressure measurement from ±10 mbar to 5 bar. The sensor can be connected directly to a microcontroller via a digital I²C bus. These devices are calibrated and temperature compensated from 0 to 85°C. The ASDX series reaches a high overall accuracy (including temperature effects) of ±0.5 to ±1 % Full Scale Span, and is intended to be used with air and non-corrosive gases. The ASDX pressure sensors incorporate the latest ASIC technologies to enable a high specification in small DIP-packages.

FEATURES of pressure transducer:
a) 0...25 mbar to 0...5 bar, 0...±10 mbar to 0...±1 bar
b) Digital output via I²C bus
c) Precision ASIC conditioning
d) Temperature compensated
e) Non-ratiometric output signal

APPLICATIONS of pressure transducer:
a) Medical instrumentation
b) Barometry
c) HVAC controls
d) Pneumatic controls 



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