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Airflow Sensor AWM720P1

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Airflow Sensor AWM720P1
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AWM700 series



Categories:  Airflow sensors

Product Description:

Airflow Sensor AWM720P1


AWM700 Series microbridge mass airflow sensors provide in-line flow measurement with a specially designed bypass flow housing. The sensors measure flow as high as 200 standard liters per minute (SLPM) while inducing a pressure drop of 1 inch H2O, typically. The AWM700 has a high flow range capability in a small package. The sensor has a 6-millisecond response time, requires a 10 Vdc supply, but consumes only 60 mW of power.


Flow/Pressure Range

200 SLPM

Output Voltage at Trim Point

5.0 Vdc ±0.36 Vdc @ 200 SLPM


±0.50 % Reading

Response Time

6 ms typ., 10 ms max.

Supply Voltage

8.0 Vdc min., 10.0 Vdc typ., 15.0 Vdc max.

Operating Temperature

-25 °C to 85 °C [-13 °F to 185 °F]


1)        Flow tubes for ranges up to 200 SLPM

2)        Highly stable null and full-scale

3)        Compact package design

4)        Extremely low hysteresis and repeatability errors, less than 0.35% of reading

5)        Fast response time, 6 ms typical

6)        Low power consumption, less than 60 mW

Potential applications:

Oxygen concentrators; Oxygen conservers;

Respirators and ventilators; Nebulizers;

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment;

Anesthesia delivery; Leak detection; Spectroscopy; Mass flow controllers

Telecommunications systems

Environmental climate controls

Fuel cell controls



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