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Electrochemical Gas Sensors
Alphasense 4-electrode Individual Sensor Board
  Name:Alphasense 4-electrode Individual Sensor Board
  pattern:Individual Sensor Board(ISB)
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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Alphasense ISB offer:
1) exceptional stability;
2) minimal settling time when put on load;
best practice for grounding and screening;
4) low noise potentiostatic circuit for good resolution.

1) Input voltage required :
6.0 ±0.2 VDC (low noise and decoupled)
2) Output at zero gas concentration(zero offset) : several hundred mV
3) Output at full-scale : <6V
4) Connector :6 pin Molex socket

Remark: If the ISB was shipped with a B4 sensor, the label will include both the zero voltage (expressed as mV) and sensitivity (expressed as mV/ppm) for the sensor with ISB. If you swap the sensor and ISB then the offset voltage will change but the sensitivity will be the same ( ±1%) since sensitivity is dependent on the sensor, not the ISB

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