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Carbon monoxide sensor CO-AE(High volume)
  Name:Carbon monoxide sensor CO-AE(High volume)
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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Carbon monoxide sensor CO-AE(High volume)

Specifications of Gas sensor CO-AE:
Measurement range: 0-10000ppm
Overgas range: 100000ppm
Sensitivity: 12-20 nA per ppm
Resolution: 5 ppm equivalent
Operating range: 24 months
Load resistor: 10-47 Ω

Feature of Gas sensor CO-AE:
1) Leak free guarantee
2) 2 year warranty
3) Drop-in replacement for equivalent sensor
4) Sensor traceability via barcode tracking system
5) Colour coded plastic housing

Application of Gas sensor CO-AE:
Portable CO detector

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