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Dual Sensor Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Sulfide

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Dual Sensor Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Sulfide
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Alphasense new Dual Sense H2S+CO gas sensor allows designers to reduce significantly their gas detector size and cost. The patented Dual Sense uses a new approach to dual gas sensor design.

A larger version of the D2 sensor, which has a proven track record in the field over many years, the Dual Sense does not compromise performance or long term stability over the standard two-sensor solution when measuring both H2S and CO.
COH-A1 Specification Carbon Monoxide Channel:
1) Resolution: 0.5ppm
2) Response time: t90(S)<25s
3) Range: 2000 ppm
4) Zero current <
5) Sensitivity: 55-90nA/ppm, 400ppm CO
6) Linearity: 40ppm
7) Overgas limit: 5,000ppm

COH-A1 Specification Hydrogen Sulfide Channel:
1) Resolution
2) Response time: t90(S)<30s
3) Range: 200 ppm
4) Zero current
5) Sensitivity: 550-875nA/ppm @ 22C, 20ppm H2S
6) Linearity: 0-20ppm  
7) Overgas limit: 500ppm


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