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GS Yuasa Oxygen Sensor SK-25F
  Name:GS Yuasa Oxygen Sensor SK-25F
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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Information: GS Yuasa Oxygen Sensor SK-25F

The GS YUASA Oxygen Sensor SK-25F is a unique galvanic cell type oxygen sensor. Its most notable features are no influence from CO2, good linearity up to 30% Oxygen, and excellent chemical durability. This feature makes the sensor ideal for oxygen monitoring in various applications such as the biochemical field, food industry, and domestic safety applications.

1) Measurement range: 0~30% O2
2) Accuracy : ±1% (full scale)
3) Response time (90%): approx. 15 seconds
4) Initial output voltage under standard test conditions 5.5~8.5mV

1) Virtually no influence from CO2, CO, H2S, NOx, H2
2) Operates in normal ambient temperatures
3) Good linearity; No position dependency
4) Stable output signal
5) No external power supply required for sensor operation
6) No warmup time is required

Biotechnology - Oxygen incubators, anaerobic cultivators
Food industry - Refrigeration, greenhouses
Safety - Air conditioners, oxygen detectors, fire detectors, fuel cell systems

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