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Gas Flow Sensors FSG4000 Series

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Gas Flow Sensors FSG4000 Series
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FSG4000 Series mass flow sensors are manufactured with Siargo's proprietary MEMS mass flow sensors that have excellent capability for large dynamic range.The series are specially designed in 3 mm and 8 mm pipelines,respectively,for measuring air mass flow in a small package and can be applied for various industrial applications where monitoring of high speed air mass flow is required.The design also allows customer to specify the desired mass flow range up to 70m/sec.Both uni-directional and bi-directional air flow can be measured with directional markers.The design is compact and easy for installation and manifold assembly.

Features and Applications:
1) Fast response
2) High speed air mass flow capability
3) Excellent rangeability with integrated multiple sensing elements
4) Linearized analog voltage output
5) Low pressure loss
6) Compact design
7) Cost effective package


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