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H2-AF Hydrogen Sensor
  Name:H2-AF Hydrogen Sensor
  Brand:No brand
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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H2-AF Hydrogen Sensor

PERFORMANCE   Sensitivity      nA/ppm in 1000ppm H2                12 to 18
                  Response time    t90(s) from zero to 1000ppm H2       <100
                  Zero current     ppm equivalent in zero air          +10 to -50
                  Resolution       RMS noise (ppm equivalent)           < 1
                  Range            ppm H2 limit of performance warranty  2,000
                  Linearity        ppm error at full scale, linear at zero and 500ppm H2  -200 to -500
                  Overgas limit    maximum ppm for stable response to gas pulse    5,000

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