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Infrared Thermopile Module TSEV01-C
  Name:Infrared Thermopile Module TSEV01-C
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  Categories:Infrared temperature sensors
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TSEV01C is equipped with an infrared sensor (Thermopile) in front. The Thermopile Sensor has to be pointed at the target object of interest.

The basic working principle is:
1) Detection of infrared radiation with a Thermopile sensor, which turns
incoming radiation to an analogue voltage
2) Determination of sensor temperature using a thermistor
3) Further analogue signal processing and conditioning
4) Calculation of ambient and object temperature using a processing unit
5) Providing the ambient and objects temperature at digital output bus (I2C)

The TSEV01 is suitable for a wide range of application where non-contact temperature measurement and high accuracy are required.

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