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LED NDIR carbon dioxide CO2 Sensor C20

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LED NDIR carbon dioxide CO2 Sensor C20
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LED NDIR carbon dioxide CO2 Sensor C20
--miniature solid state LED NDIR CO2 Sensor 

     Apollo Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in infrared carbon dioxide sensor C20 / infrared CO2 sensor C20, welcome you to inquire the price C20 infrared carbon dioxide sensor (infrared CO2 sensor C20 price) and other details!

Dscription of carbon dioxide sensor C20:
    An innovative High Speed, Real Time, Low Cost, Precision gas sensor using Al-In-Sb (Aluminium Indium Antimonde) NDIR LED technology. The base Mid IR solid state technology, developed by QinetiQ and licensed on a sole basis has been incorporated into an advanced CO2 sensor that is suitable for high volume manufacture and is targeted at a number of Carbon Dioxide Sensor applications.
This Carbon Dioxide sensor is a fast, low power NDIR sensor.

BENEFITS of carbon dioxide sensor C20:
1) four readings per second, high accuracy
2) easy to use: digital output, temperature compensated and linearised
3) low power: 100mW
4) solid state: no moving parts, no filaments
5) wide temperature range: -25℃ to + 55℃
6) useful range: 0-10%(higher available)
7) good immunity to other gases & humidity
8) various voltages available from 3.3v to 9v
9) 20mm package

APPLICATIONS of carbon dioxide sensor C20:
Modified atmospheres
Indoor air quality
Stowaway detection
Cellar & gas stores
Combustion control
Shipping containers
Atmospheric research

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