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MS54XX SMD pressure sensor

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MS54XX SMD pressure sensor
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MS54XX SMD pressure sensor

Description of pressure sensoe MS54XX:
Piezoresistive silicon micromachined sensor; Pressure range1,7, and 12 bar absolute; uncompensated

Features of pressure sensoe MS54XX:
1) 1-12 bar Full Scale Range
2) Low Cost SMD ceramic Package
3) High sensitivity version (A) span 240mV @ 5 V
4) High linearity version (B) 0.05% typical
5) 5 x Overpressure
6) Uncompensated
7) High reliability, low drift
8) Gel protection
9) B-version Water resist 100m (ISO 2281 Standard)
10) Temperature range -40 to +125℃

Application of pressure sensoe MS54XX:
Absolute pressure sensor systems;High resolution altimeters Variometers; Barometers; Engine controls; Water proof watches and Diver’s computers; Tire pressure Monitoring Systems(TPMS)


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