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MS763 Pressure Sensor Die (0-300 mmHg)

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MS763 Pressure Sensor Die (0-300 mmHg)
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1) 0 to 300 mmHg range (0.4 bar or 5.8 PSI)
2) Sensitivity 0.075 mV/mmHg @ 5 V
3) Linearity 0.15% (typical)
4) Small die size 1.3*2.2 mm
5) Connections on one side
6) High reliability 
1) Medical applications
2) Blood pressruree measurement
3) Designed for implantable devices
4) Differential pressure sensor systems

The MS763 is a biomedical sensor. It has been designed as an implantable sensor where all the connections are on one side. The bonding pads are large in order to glue or solder wires on.The sensor element of the MS763 consists of a silicon micro-machined membrane. Implanted resistors sense the deformation of  the membrane by using of thr piezo-resistive effect. The MS763 is available as a differential sensor without base  PyrexTM (MS763-S) or as an absolute sensor with a 0.2 mm thick PyrexTM (MS763-A).


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