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Methane gas sensor module FSM-T-01

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Methane gas sensor module FSM-T-01
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FSM-T-01 Pre-calibrated Module for Methane Gas

1. Brief Introduction

  FSM-T-01 is a pre-calibrated module for methane gas alarm which applies TGS2611 sensor together with optimized classic circuit measuring methane gas concentration. The module is pre-calibrated by Figaro's highly accurate calibration equipment and manufactured with mature aging process.

2. Main Specifications

1) Range: 0-20%LEL

2) Output: TTL level digital signal and alarm signal (self-designed alarm point)

3) Power supply: 5+/-0.2V DC

4) Response time: 30s

5) Operating temperature: -10 ~ 55

6) Operating humidity: 25-95%RH

3. Features

1) Gas concentration is digitally and quantitatively output by means of communications

2) Alarm output can be set through programming

3) Factory calibrated, temperature compensated

4) Compact size, low cost

4. Typical applications

1) Front-end solution for methane gas alarm

2) Simple methane gas alarm output

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