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Methane sensor TGS2611

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Methane sensor TGS2611
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Methane sensor TGS2611
- for the detection of Methane

TGS2611 is a semiconductor type gas sensor which combines very high sensitivity to methane gas with low power consumption and long life. Due to miniaturization of its sensing chip, TGS2611 requires a heater current of only 56mA and the device is housed in a standard TO-5 package.

1) Target gases : Methane, Natural Gas
2) range:500 ~ 10,000 ppm
3) sensitivity (change ratio of Rs) : 0.60 ± 0.06
4) Circuit Voltage:5.0±0.2V DC/AC
5) Heater Voltage:5.0±0.2V DC/AC

Features of methane sensorTGS2611:
Long life, Small size;
Low power consumption;
High sensitivity to methane;
Uses simple electrical circuit;

Applications of methane sensorTGS2611:
Domestic gas alarms;
Portable gas detectors;
Gas leak detector for gas applicances


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