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NO2-B43F Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor
  Name:NO2-B43F Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor
  Brand:No brand
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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Sensitivity       nA/ppm at 2p
pm NO2                                 -175 to -450
Response time     t90 (s) from zero to 2ppm NO2                      < 60
Zero current      nA in zero air at 20°C                            -50 to +70
Noise*            ±2 standard deviations (ppb equivalent)            15
Range             ppm NO2 limit of performance warranty               20
Linearity       ppb error at full scale, linear at zero and 5ppm NO2  < ±0.5
Overgas limit     maximum ppm for stable response to gas pulse         50
* Tested with Alphasense ISB low noise circuit

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