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Oxygen sensor  KE-25/50
  Name:Oxygen sensor KE-25/50
  pattern:KE-25 KE-50
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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Information: Oxygen sensor KE-25/50

Based on the fuel cell and lead acid battery technologies(eletrochemical principle); The sensor life is very long(5 years and 10 years,depending on the environment); Measurement range by 0-100% O2;

1) range:0 ~ 100% O2
2) accuracy : KE-25 +/-1% FS; KE-50 +/-2% FS
3) temperature:5-40℃
4) response time:KE-25 14+/-2S; KE-50 60+/-5S
5) initial output voltage under standard test conditions:
KE-25 10-15.5mv ; KE-50 47 ~65mv

1) Long life :KE-25 - 5 years / KE-50 - 10 years in ambient air
2) Virtually no influence from CO2, CO, H2S, NOx, H2
3) Low cost; Stable output signal
4) Operates in normal ambient temperatures
5) No external power supply required for sensor operation
6) No warmup time is required

Medical - Anesthetic instruments, respirators, oxygen-enrichers;
Biotechnology - Oxygen incubators;
Food industry - Refrigeration, greenhouses;
Safety - Air conditioners, oxygen detectors, fire detectors

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