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Ultra-Low Power Sensor Module with Printed Sensor ULPSM
  Name:Ultra-Low Power Sensor Module with Printed Sensor ULPSM
  Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors
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Information: Ultra-Low Power Sensor Module with Printed Sensor
--- for Alphasense(SPEC) “3SP” Type Ethanol & Toxic Sensors

The module introduction:
    The  small form-factor, ultra-low power sensor  module  (ULPSM)  produces a linear voltage  output proportional to  gas  concentration.  This module combines the novel  sub-millimeter  thin  electrochemical sensor technology from SPEC Sensors, Inc. with an ultra-low power analog potentiostat circuit. 

ULPSM Features: 
  Ultra-low power consumption 
  Small form-factor gas  sensor and analog front end 
  Low-cost and easily replaceable 
  Standard 8-pin connector for easy integration 
  On-board temperature sensor 
  Sensor headers allow replacement of the sensor

Evaluation Board for ULPSM Features: 
  Plug header that replicates the suggested layout for user-implemented solutions. 
  Screw terminals for easy connection to external circuits and measurement equipment.  
  Jumper-selectable power supply options: 
  CR2032 coin battery (included). 
  External Supply: unregulated and un-fused – do not exceed 3.3 V input. 
  External Supply: 3.0 V regulated  –  do not exceed 18 V input.

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