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humidity sensor HS1101 / HS1101LF
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Relative humidity sensor HS1101 / HS1101LF
Based on a unique capacitive cell, these relative humidity sensors are designed for high volume, cost sensitive applications

Main features of relative humidity sensor HS1101 / HS1101LF:
1) Lead free components
2) Full interchangeability with no calibration required in standard conditions
3) Instantaneous desaturation after long periods in saturation phase
4) Compatible with automatized assembly processes, including Pb free wave soldering and reflow processes
5) High reliability and long term stability
6) Patented solid polymer structure
7) Suitable for linear voltage or frequency output circuitry
8) Fast response time and very low temperature coefficient
9) Part may be washed with distilled water.
10) Individual marking for compliance to stringent traceability requirements

characteristics of relative humidity sensor HS1101/ HS1101LF:
Humidity measuring range: 1%RH~ 99 %RH
Supply voltage Vs: 10 V
Time constant (33 to 80 % RH, still air @ 63%) ta: 3.5 s
Deviation to typical response curve (10% to 90%) RH) :+/-2 %RH

Appliances of relative humidity sensor HS1101/ HS1101LF:
office automation, automotive cabin air control, home appliances, and industrial process control systems. They are also useful
in all applications where humidity compensation is needed.

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