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  • Particle Sensor Module MDSM501 Series
    Particle Sensor Module MDSM501 Series

    Brand: Syhitech

    Model Number: MDSM501

    MDSM501 detects fine particle, house dust, pollen, germs, dust mites and cigarette smoke as small as 1μm and measures quantity of floating particles in a room space up to maximum 30m3. This sensor is ideal product for automatic room air mon...

  • Dust sensor DSM501 series
    Dust sensor DSM501 series

    Brand: Syhitech

    Model Number: DSM501

    Dust sensor DSM501 series Features of dust sensor DSM501 : 1) PWM output 2) Easy installation 3) Single power supply 4) Compact size and lightweight Application of dust sensor DSM501: Ventilator etc Air conditioner Air quality monitor Air c...

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