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  • FPS2800B12C4 – Fluid Property Sensor Module
    FPS2800B12C4 – Fluid Property Sensor Module

    Brand: No brand

    Model Number: FPS2800B12C4

    FEATURES1) Rugged construction for high pressure and high flow environments2) Proprietary corrosion and contaminant resistant coating for wetted parts3) On-board microprocessor for real-time data analysis with 12 - 24 volts supply4) Highly ...

  • FPA2400BST – Fluid Property Analyzer
    FPA2400BST – Fluid Property Analyzer

    Brand: No brand

    Model Number: FPA2400BST

    FEATURES1) Simultaneous sampling for Temperature,Viscosity, Density & Dielectric Constant2)Data Logging, up to 30 days at 1-sample/ 2 min.3) Programmable sample rates, at x-min./sample4)Over Temperature Protection: (+125ºC) Auto Shutdown5)...

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