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Encoder Detectors HLC2705

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Encoder Detectors HLC2705
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Encoder Detectors HLC2705


The HLC2705 detector is designed to sense speed and direction of mechanical motion. Applications include rotary and linear encoders; the device is especially well suited for the encoding function in an optical mouse. The detector is a monolithic IC, consisting of two narrow adjacent photodiodes, amplifier stages, and quadrature logic which provides two outputs. One is a fixed duration, low level active tachometer (counting) pulse. It is generated whenever the "A" channel illumination passes through the threshold level. The second is a direction output which is set to a logic high or a logic low depending upon which channel is illuminated first. The sensor also has sensitivity compensation circuity for the output power versus temperature characteristic of an IRED. The IC is encapsulated in a molded, unlensed black plastic package which is transmissive to IR energy, yet provides shielding from visible light.


Turn-on Threshold Irradiance

0.05 mW/cm² to 2.0 mW/cm²

Output Option

Speed and Direction

Operating Temperature

-40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]


0,46 mm [0.018 in]


1)        Side-looking plastic package

2)        TTL/LSTTL/CMOS compatible

3)        On-chip quadrature logic which provides tach and direction outputs

4)        Linear or rotary encoder applications

5)        Resolution to 0.018 in [0.457 mm]

6)        Sensitivity versus temperature compensation

7)        Mechanically and spectrally matched to SEP8506 and SEP8706 infrared emitting diodes


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