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FPA2400BST – Fluid Property Analyzer

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FPA2400BST – Fluid Property Analyzer
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Categories:  Fluid Properties Sensors

Product Description:

1) Simultaneous sampling for Temperature,Viscosity, Density & Dielectric Constant
2) Data Logging, up to 30 days at 1-sample/ 2 min. 
3) Programmable sample rates, at x-min./sample
4) Over Temperature Protection: (+125ºC) Auto Shutdown 
5) Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup 
6) Modbus32 Interface over RS-232 
7) Threaded Fluidic Interface for pressurized and flow applications 
8) Extended cable length for remote installation of sensor 
9) Host PC Application Software “FPA Studio”

1) Dynamic and complex fluid states (e.g., process fluids, engine oils, fuel quality)
2) Wind Turbines
3) Industrial and Manufacturing
4) Gearboxes & Transmissions
5) Marine, Railroad or Aircraft
6) Electric Transformers
7) Compressors, Oil & Refrigerants
8) Hydraulic Systems
9) Oils, Fuels


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