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Fiber optic sensor D10

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Fiber optic sensor D10
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Fiber optic sensor D10
High-performance, low-contrast plastic fiber optic sensor with numeric or bargraph display

D10—Discrete – Specifications
Supply Voltage and Current: 10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) @ less than 25 mA (exclusive of load)
Output Configuration: Bipolar:One NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing)
Output Rating:
100 mA max. output with short-circuit protection ;
OFF-state leakage current:   less than 10 µA sourcing;  200 µA sinking
ON-state saturation voltage:
NPN:1.6V @ 100 mA
PNP:2.0V @ 100 mA
Output Response Time:
Standard models:500 microseconds
High-speed models:200 microseconds
Operating Conditions:
OperatingTemperature:  -10℃to +55℃
Storage Temperature:  -20℃to +85℃
Relative humidity:   90% RH@ 50℃
Standard models:95 microseconds
High-speed models:50 microseconds


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