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HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensor

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HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensor
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HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensor

The HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensors are designed specifically for high volume OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) users. Direct input to a controller or other device is made possible by this sensor’s linear voltage output. With a typical current draw of only 200 µA, the HIH-4000 Series is often ideally suited for low drain, battery operated systems. Tight sensor interchangeability reduces or eliminates OEM
production calibration costs. Individual sensor calibration data is available.

1) Response time: 15S
2) Voltage supply: 4- 5.8V
3) Voltage output: Vout=0.00003(sensor RH)2+0.0281(sensor RH)+0.820, (typical @ 25 ºC)
4) Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85℃ (-40 ~ 185℉)

Features :
1) Molded thermoset plastic housing
2) Linear voltage output vs %RH
3) Laser trimmed interchangeability
4) Low power design
5) High accuracy
6) Fast response time
7) Stable, low drift performance
8) Chemically resistant

Typical Applications :
Refrigeration equipment
HVAC equipment
Medical equipment
Battery-powered systems
OEM assemblies


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