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MS5212 SMD Pressure Sensor

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MS5212 SMD Pressure Sensor
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1) 0 to 12 bar full scale absolute range (174 PSI)
2) Low cost SMD ceramic package
3) Small size 7.6×7.6 mm
4) High linearity (MS5212-BM), 0.05% typical
5) Overpressure 30 bars
6) Uncompensated
7) -40°C to +125°C
8) High reliability, low drift
9) Optional gel protection
10) Pb-free & RoHS-compatible

1) Absolute pressure sensor systems
2) High resolution altimeters, barometers
3) Variometers
4) Engine control
5) Diving computer
6) Tire pressure

The MS5212 SMD pressure sensor series is designed for pressure sensor systems with highest demands on resolution and accuracy. The device consists of a silicon micromachined pressure sensor die mounted on a 7.6×7.6 mm ceramic carrier protected by a metal cap. The MS5212 can be delivered in a highly sensitive version giving a maximal output voltage or in a highly linear version giving a linear output voltage directly proportional to the applied pressure.


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