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MS7228A Pressure Sensor Die (0-28 bar)

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MS7228A Pressure Sensor Die (0-28 bar)
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1) Media resistive pressure sensor die
2) 0 to 28 bar range (406 PSI)
3) Output span 150 mV @ 5 V
4) High linearity (0.05% typical)
5) Absolute sensor of 1.95×1.63 mm
6) High Reliability
7) Low Cost

1) Braking systems
2) Tire pressure
3) Engine Control
4) Diving Computers

The MS7228 is an absolute silicon micro-machined pressure sensor for harsh environment. A vacuum reference cavity is sealed on top of the sensitive silicon membrane by the anodic bonding of a Pyrex™ cap. The pressure, applied on the backside, is converted in electrical signal by piezo-resistors implanted in the silicon membrane. To improve the sensor stability, a drilled Pyrex™ is bonded on the backside. As the pressure port consists of Pyrex™ and silicon, both stable in most of the chemicals, the MS7228 is suitable for media-resistive applications.


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