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Methane and LP Gas sensor TGS6812

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Methane and LP Gas sensor TGS6812
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Methane and LP Gas sensor TGS6812
Description of TGS6812
The TGS6812 catalytic type gas sensor can detect levels of hydrogen up to 100%LEL. This sensor features high accuracy, good durability and stability, quick response, and linear output. This sensor can detect not only hydrogen, but also methane and LP gas, thus making it an excellent solution for monitoring gas leakage from staionary fuel cell systems which transform combustible gases into hydrogen..

1) Target gases : Hydrogen, methane, iso-butane
2) range:0~100%LEL of each gas
3) Response time (90%) < 15 sec.
4) Circuit Voltage:3.0±0.1V AC/DC
5) Heater current:175mA (typical).

Features of TGS6812
1) Linear output;Compact size
2) Meets RoHS requirements
3) Small sensitivity to alcohol
4) Sensitive to hydrogen, methane, andLP gas

Application of TGS6812
Hydrogen and combustible gas leak detectors for fuel cells


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