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PM2.5/10 Detector OPC-N2

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PM2.5/10 Detector OPC-N2
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   PM2.5 which can go directly to the lungs contains more toxic heavy metals and the hazardous organic pollutants, what’s more, it is more easily attached to bacteria and viruses in the environment, so the particles are greater impacted on the ecological environment and human health. British Alpahsense.,Ltd developed and launched PM2.5/10 detector OPC-N2, using light scattering theory and particle counting technology, can detect accurately the number of particles surroundings to provide useful reference data for environmental improvement.

OPC-N2 is a portable device, the use of advanced optical systems and precise electronic processing device provides fast and accurate detection of particle number and size distribution. Its measurement specifications are as follows:

Detection theory: laser scattering theory

Particle range: 0.38 to 17um

Sampling interval: 1.4 to 30 seconds

Total flow rate: 1.2L/min

Particle count rate: 10,000 particles/second

Weight: <105g

Electronics of OPC-N2 can communicate with PC or Android phone through the SPI interface. And the onboard data logging using optional 16GB SD card: 12 months’ capture besides, its Micro USB socket allows on-site firmware updates. With the software application, the number and distribution of micro-particles of various sizes can be directly displayed. It is flexibly and easily operation.


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