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Vision Sensor PresencePLUS Pro Series

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Vision Sensor PresencePLUS Pro Series
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PresencePLUS Pro Series



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Vision Sensor PresencePLUS Pro Series

Robust yet easy-to-use self-contained vision sensors perform automated inspections that previously required costly and complex vision systems.

1) Features compact size for tight locations
2) Delivers high-performance vision inspections in a two-piece housing
3) Includes all the PresencePLUS Gray Scale tools: Locate, Pattern Find and Count, Geometric Find and Count, Edge, Object, Blob, Average Gray Scale and Measure
4) Features models with optional Bar Code Reader
5) Supports nine languages
6) Communicates over Ethernet, flexible I/O and serial protocols
7) Features remote TEACH function for inspection changeovers without a PC
8) Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with software configurable inputs (NPN/PNP) and configurable outputs (NPN/PNP)
9) Connects directly to optional real-time video display, without a PC
10) Available with a variety of mounting brackets, lenses and lighting accessories


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