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hall positon sensor SS443A

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hall positon sensor SS443A
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Categories:  Hall Position Sensors

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SS400 Series/hall positon sensor----SS443A

SS400 Series position sensors have a thermally balanced integrated circuit over full temperature range.The negative compensation slope is optimized to match the negative temperature coefficient of lower cost magnets.Bipolar latching and unipolar magnetics are available

1) 3.8-30V supply voltage
2) digital current sinking output
3) 3 pin in-line PCBterminals
4) quad-hall design virtually eliminates mechanical stress effects
5) temperature compensated magnetics
6) operated / release points can be customized
7) high output current capabaility -50mA absolute maximum
8) operating temperature range of -40to +150℃ (-40 to +302℉)
9) output current,(max) 20mA


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