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Total 2 Products
  • Encoder Detectors HLC2705
    Encoder Detectors HLC2705

    Brand: Honeywell

    Model Number: HLC2705

    Encoder Detectors HLC2705DescriptionThe HLC2705 detector is designed to sense speed and direction of mechanical motion. Applications include rotary and linear encoders; the device is especially well suited for the encoding function in an op...

  • Transmissive Encoder Sensor HOA0902
    Transmissive Encoder Sensor HOA0902

    Brand: Honeywell

    Model Number: HOA0902

    Transmissive Encoder Sensor HOA0902 Description: The HOA0902 assembly consists of a dual channel IC detector and an IRED encased in a black thermoplastic housing. The device is typically used with an interrupter strip or disk (code wheel) t...