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Total 4 Products
  • SD3443/5443(Silicon Phototransistor)
    SD3443/5443(Silicon Phototransistor)

    Brand: Honeywell

    Model Number: SD3443/5443

    SD3443/5443(Silicon Phototransistor)Description:The SD3443/5443 series consists of an NPN silicon phototransistor mounted in a TO-46 metal can package. The SD3443 has flat window cans providing a wide acceptance angle, whle the SD5443 has g...

  • Silicon Phototransistor SD2440
    Silicon Phototransistor SD2440

    Brand: Honeywell

    Model Number: SD2440

    Silicon Phototransistor SD2440Description:The SD2440 is an NPN silicon phototransistor mounted in a herrnetically sealed glass lensed metal can package. This package directly mounts in a double sided PC boardFeatures:1) 48°acceptance angle...

  • Silicon Phototransistor  SDP8405/8406
    Silicon Phototransistor SDP8405/8406

    Brand: Honeywell

    Model Number: SDP8405/8406

    Silicon Phototransistor SDP8405/8406Description:The SDP8405 is an NPN silicon phototransistor transfer molded in a T-1 clear plastic package. Transfer molding of this device assures superior optical centerline performance compared to other ...

  • Phototransistors  SD1440
    Phototransistors SD1440

    Brand: No brand

    Model Number: SD1440

    Phototransistors SD1440Description:The SD1440 is an NPN silicon phototransistor mounted in a glass lensed metal can coaxial package. The package may have a tab or second lead welded to the can as an optional feature (SD1440-XXXL). Both lead...